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Monolithic natural stone tables and chairs are the preferred choice of many people because of their durability over time. These products always have very distinct, unique, and unmatched beauties that make them attractive, vital and extremely attractive. Let’s find out with FLC Stone why you should buy this accessory right below.

Introduction to monolithic natural stone for tables and chairs

Natural stone tables and chairs are sculpted entirely from selected natural stone blocks. These tables and chairs are made from completely natural stone, so they bring extremely impressive beauty. They are meticulously carved with many different patterns consistent with feng shui, creating an elegant and sophisticated look.

The product is made with great care and attention. The prominent stone veins bring a delicate and elegant beauty. Natural monolithic stone tables and chairs come in many different sizes and shapes, allowing users to freely choose to suit their preferences, needs and space.

FLC Stone tables and chairs are completely sculpted from natural monolithic stone exploited from Thanh Hoa mine

Nowadays, more and more families choose to use stone tables and chairs to decorate their gardens. These accessories are very suitable for use in outdoor spaces of large villas or townhouses. If your house has a small area, you can also arrange it on the terrace or balcony to make an impressive place to rest and relax.

Monolithic natural stone tables and chairs have a different, sophisticated beauty and high-end luxury. Depending on the campus and layout space, choose different forms of manipulation, bringing beauty to the space.

Reasons to buy monolithic natural stone for tables and chairs

Natural monolithic stone tables and chairs are popular and widely used for the following reasons:

Natural monolithic stone tables and chairs possess their own beauty: The first reason why these natural stone tables and chairs are very popular is because they possess impressive beauty, natural stone patterns, strange and unique. unique, not duplicated. Each set of tables and chairs is carved with unique patterns. This accessory helps to bring a liberal and equally luxurious space.

Tables and chairs made from monolithic stone have very high durability: Natural monolithic stone has been formed and developed for many years, so the bearing will be better than other common artificial types. The tables and chairs are made from selected monolithic, unpaired stone to help the product last for a long time and still be beautiful, unaffected by external factors.

Monolithic natural stone tables and chairs are suitable for many spaces: Natural stone tables and chairs can be used in many spaces, modern or old, wide or narrow are suitable.

Moreover, whether it is a garden or a park, this type of accessory is also very durable, not damaged but also helps to embellish the space.

Product prices vary depending on the materials used, size and sophistication.

Process of making monolithic natural stone tables and chairs

The process of making natural monolithic tables and chairs needs to be followed correctly and with enough steps to ensure that the finished product is as durable as possible.

Step 1: Choose a beautiful stone block, not cracked and damaged, natural color, few stone veins. Commonly used stones are Dragon Cloud Red, Green Cloud Cloud Pink, Green Galaxy, Gray Galaxy

Step 2: Proceed to cut the stone block to the appropriate size

Step 3: Sketch the basic lines, sculpt the workpiece, and determine the initial shape.

Step 4: Sculpt and shape small details meticulously.

Step 5: Grind, polish and apply a protective coating to the surface so that the product is not damaged, can be used for a long time and retains its natural color.

Buy quality monolithic natural stone at FLC Stone

Currently on the market there are many places selling monolithic natural stone tables and chairs. Prominent among them is FLC Stone – the address providing prestigious and quality stone products and materials. With many years of experience in the industry, the business is trusted by many partners and customers to cooperate.

FLC Stone specializes in providing quality, reputable, and competitively priced natural monolithic stone tables and chairs

Monolithic natural stone tables and chairs are widely used because they possess many outstanding advantages. If you are also looking to buy a set to beautify your family, then stop by FLC Stone to buy quality products at extremely affordable prices.

FLC STONE Investment and Minerals Joint Stock Company is one of the leading companies in Vietnam owning 04 mines and factories, providing full service from exploitation – production – construction of natural stone.

FLC STONE stone meets international standards ISO 9001:2015 for quality, gloss, high durability, good heat resistance, is selected in many projects and meets the tastes of the international market.


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