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When it comes to Thanh Hoa, surely no one knows about its famous specialties or scenic spots, but today I will introduce to you another stop that is not only beautiful because of the majesty of nature. , but also because of the beauty of the labor of people who aspire to bring the quintessence of Vietnam to all five continents. That place is called FLC STONE.

Customers who come to visit FLC Stone cannot help but be amazed by the wild and majestic beauty of Thanh Hoa’s rocky mountains, undulating one after another like resting Vietnamese dragons. Under the sparkling sunrise are countless rocky mountains shimmering with colors and patterns, hidden in the clear, floating white sky. It is difficult to fully describe the magical beauty that mother nature has bestowed on FLC Stone.

Morning scene at the end of August at Nui Ben FLC Stone factory – Yen Dinh, Thanh Hoa

FLC Stone’s Durable Mountain in the summer seems to be so much more alive! Perhaps because that is the time when nature, scenery and clouds seem to be full of life. FLC Stone Mountain in summer the weather is clear, the sky is blue, only the sun is bright. But that hot sun heats up the working spirit of FS people. They enthusiastically produced, even though the sun burned their skin and tanned their dark skin. Drops of sweat rolling down the forehead and cheeks falling onto the rocky ground further adorn this wonderful natural picture. Perhaps that is why Mother Nature favors the people of Thanh country even more so that they can fully enjoy the essence of heaven and earth.

FLC STONE natural stone retains all the inherent characteristics of nature, creating massive, splendid, and durable masterpieces over the years. Currently, FLC STONE has 3 natural mountain mines being exploited including Nui Ben Factory, Nui Loang Factory, and Ha Linh Mine. From these natural mines, after the exploitation and production process, FLC STONE is proud to bring to the market unique, luxurious stone patterns and colors, bringing the full breath of nature to each space. design. Some “hot trend” stone models in the FLC Stone collection include Red Dragon; Ocean Rainbow; Gray Sonata; Dark Gray Galaxy; Brown Cafe… In addition, every year FLC Stone supplies thousands of tons of Thanh Hoa white and green stone to craft villages to create unique fine art stone products on the market.

FLC STONE Investment and Minerals Joint Stock Company is one of the leading companies in Vietnam owning 04 mines and factories, providing full service from exploitation – production – construction of natural stone.

FLC STONE stone meets international standards ISO 9001:2015 for quality, gloss, high durability, good heat resistance, is selected in many projects and meets the tastes of the international market.

Website: www.flcstone.vn

Hotline: 0981 099 922

Email: info@flcstone.vn

Transaction office: 3rd Floor, FLC Landmark Tower, Le Duc Tho, My Dinh 2, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi


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